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"It's not about being able to spend more money.

It's about enjoying and managing what you already have... BETTER!" 

- Michelle Jones, Founder of BetterBudgeting

Welcome to Better Budgeting™ Please join us as we celebrate 15 YEARS of helping families learn how to budget better and save money every day of the year! Subscribe to our free monthly ezine to get all of our great money-saving tips and resources, and be eligible to participate in our contests and giveaways. Current Members, please Update your address if it has recently changed. Now, let's start saving you some MONEY!!!

Changing Lives. One Budget at a Time. Manage Your Personal Finances

Manage your money better with our helpful budgeting articles, finance calculators, and free printable worksheets. Register for The Better Budgeting Class, a 5-week ecourse.

Saving money can be fun! Learn the Frugal Art of Living on Less

Whether you're new to frugal living or an old pro at living on less, we've got something for everyone. Including homemade gifts for the holidays and recycling ordinary household items. Budgeting and saving money is what we do best!

Getting out of debt takes time, don't give up! Get Out of Debt / Improve Credit Score

The best way to improve your credit is to pay your bills and reduce your debt. Learn how with our informative articles and free ebook "Dealing with Debt".

Welcome to Living a Better Life! Get Motivated to Live Better

Read our featured columns, book of the month picks, and our favorite inspirational quotes for living life to the fullest. Subscribe to our free monthly ezine, Living a Better Life®, for membership benefits PLUS 2 free ebook bonus gifts.

Editor Book Recommendations Book of The Month

Choose from a large selection of money-saving and inspirational book picks from the editor. Topics include economics, personal finances, debt, jobs, business, frugal living, and more.

Write for us and earn money! Earn Extra Money / Enter Contests

All members are eligible to earn money by writing for us and/or participating in our contests (monthly and annual).

Frugal Recipes and Grocery Coupons Cut Your Food Bill in Half

Save money on groceries with our printable coupons, frugal recipes (and family cookbook), and hundreds of grocery saving tips. Whether you use coupons or not, you can still save tons of money on groceries each month using our tips. 

Hint: One of our free ebook bonus gifts (available with membership, which is also free) is all about using coupons wisely! :o)

Meet the Editor

Meet the Editor / Learn More About Us

Celebrating our 15th year of educating and encouraging frugal families around the world. Thank you for your support!!! 

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