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Scented Bath Salts Relieve Stress!

Make Your Own Scented Bath Salts
by Michelle Jones

A Perfect Gift for Mother's Day!

Paying up to $15.99 or more for a jar of scented bath salt may be good for the skin, but not for most of our budgets!  Learn how to make your own bath salts at home and then you can also give them as delightful gifts to every stressed out mom you know - they are sure to be a big hit!

You may feel a little intimidated by those expensive bath stores, but forget that!  These homemade bath salt ingredients can be found at your local stores, and you can do this!!

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Though I purchased my supplies for a great deal at our local craft store, there are many stores that carry these items so always be on the lookout for the best prices!  


In a large glass or metal bowl, stir together...

2 cups Epsom Salt or Dead Sea Salt - or 1 cup of each (Do not use table salts, they will dry out skin!  And when using Dead Sea Salt, which I prefer, be sure to remove any dark pieces that may have slipped through processing.) 

1-2 teaspoons of baking soda, if desired (Makes skin soft.)

10-12 drops of essential oil (Lavender is best for a relaxing bath, Vanilla and Eucalyptus are also fabulous!)

You can also add a small amount of food coloring paste (the kind used for cake decorating) if desired, but it's not necessary.  I prefer not to use coloring, but it's up to you.  This is your own homemade bath salt, make it however you want!


After you have stirred the salt really well (I do this for at least two minutes because it's fun; the more you stir the more the wonderful scent begins to come through!), pour into pretty glass jars and attach lids.

For the Glass Jars... 

Use clean mason jars, baby food jars, or even spaghetti and jelly jars.  They are all perfect for homemade bath salt!  Whatever you do, do NOT spend extra money on expensive jars, they are completely unnecessary!  

Though our children are all past the baby food stage now, we asked a friend if we could have some of their empty jars and they were happy to get rid of them.  (And a special "thank you" gift jar is on it's way in return!)

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To Finish...

Tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the jar and decorate the lid if desired.  In the above picture this spaghetti mason jar is simply gorgeous, but the lid had writing all over it that I didn't want on my gift - so I painted it!  

Lastly, attach a cheerful label, something like... "Spa Treatment Just for Mom!"  And if you'd like to include instructions, write "Add several Tablespoonfuls of Bath Salt to warm water for a relaxing bath, enjoy!"


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Copyright 2004 by Michelle Jones

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