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Meet the Editor

Michelle Jones, Founder and Editor of BetterBudgeting

Michelle Jones

"It's not about being able to spend more money. 

It's about enjoying and managing what you already have... BETTER!" 

- Michelle Jones, Founder and Editor of BetterBudgeting


Column: Living a Better Life®  

Class: The Better Budgeting Class   

Ebooks: Dealing with Debt | 101 Coupon Tips | Frugal Family Recipes

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Michelle lives in Metro Atlanta with her husband and their four (almost grown) children. After starting out in the financial industry for several years Michelle decided to give up "the paycheck" and transitioned to staying at home full time to raise and care for their growing family in 1990. Staying home with the kids was easy compared to making the switch from two-incomes to one. If only they had known the value of living on one income when they were first starting out. What a difference it could have made. 

Michelle and her husband, Wayne, stayed true to their beliefs and personal convictions that caring for their family "full-time" was more important than anything else they could ever possibly do. Together, they stayed strong and made whatever financial sacrifices it took, with no regrets. 

During those early years of raising their family on a very limited budget, Michelle became known by family and friends as a coupon queen and savvy bargain shopper. This was back in the early 1990's. Long before couponing was "cool" and store sales were widely available as they are now. Imagine one small rack of clearance items, all the way in the back corner of the store.

Married for 29 years, Michelle and Wayne have also survived many difficult times, including the "Great Recession" (along with 15 million other unemployed families) from 2009-2012. While saving money is often critical for surviving financially, as a Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer survivor, Michelle is even more dedicated to sharing her passion for Living a Better Life®. As her family has learned to accept, she will take time to share ideas about budgeting, frugal living, saving money, the economy, and all financial matters, with anyone and EVERYONE!

In 2001, in order to share her survival secrets with as many families as possible, Michelle founded the free Web site BetterBudgeting and monthly money saving newsletter named after her weekly column; Living a Better Life®. While most publications in the industry were only available by paid subscription, BetterBudgeting has always been a free resource. 

In 2003, she added the additional free resource, GrocerySavingTips, to educate consumers on how to save money on groceries; with and without coupons. All the main tips were written by Michelle, based on her own 29+ years of shopping experience. She also wrote a companion grocery saving ebook "101 Coupon Tips" which is currently available as a free gift for members.

Michelle and Wayne have faced a wide range of financial challenges over the years. With his career in business management, their family has been relocated many times throughout the South. Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, and now, they're back home in Atlanta, Georgia. They have survived many medical issues and surgeries, experienced the difficult stages of raising a family and most importantly, they have learned time and time again that God brings us through the storms and valley's of life. No matter how impossible they may seem.

Michelle and her family try their best to focus on the blessings in their daily life and the beautiful rainbows that God always provides after the storms.

"All things work for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28 (NIV)



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