Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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"Candy Cane Heart Ornament"

Submitted by Lisa Sett of Thousand oaks, CA


2 candy canes for each heart
(1 box will make 6 hearts)


5" long piece of ribbon (curling ribbon works great)

1 small decoration for top of heart such as; an old button, bow, curly ribbon, lace, silk flower, berries, dried rose, glitter, even a wrapped peppermint hard candy

low temp glue gun


Lay everything out on a clean, flat surface. Plug in your glue gun, while it warms up lay the candy out to see how best they fit. Use a small dab of glue at the bottom of the canes then glue the top where they meet. Allow to dry, add hanging ribbon and glue final touches.

Use as: ornaments, gift tags, napkin rings in center of each plate or personalized take home gifts for your guests.

Tip: No one will eat these they are too pretty....so what's wrong with buying the candy now at 75 to 90% off.


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