Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of BetterBudgeting.com

"Angel Ornament"

Submitted by Kristen

(Editor's Note: Although the submitted photo above is blurry we decided to accept it because the directions for this ornament are very well written.  The angel is made with dry pasta and a wooden bead for the head and she is holding a candle made out of a tack.)
Items you will need:
1/2-in. wooden bead
Two bow-tie pasta noodles
two macaroni noodles
one tack
one gold ring
angel hair or dolls hair
white paint
accent paint
hot glue gun
1. Break one of the bow-tie pastas in half through the middle.  Discard half (or save for next angel).
2.  Paint the bead, the tack, and the four pieces of pasta white.  While the paint is wet, sprinkle clear, gold, or silver glitter LIGHTLY over the pieces. 
3.  After the paint has dried, glue the short bow-tie and the whole bow-tie together so the whole bow-tie resembles wings and the short bow-tie is the dress.
4.  Then glue the two macaroni pasta on the front of the three bow-tie in the shape of arms (will look like a circle on top of the bow-ties).
5.  Paint the point of the tack red or orange to represent a flame.  Then glue the tack point up between the macaroni pasta.
6.  Glue the bead onto the top of the macaroni arms. 
7.  Paint eyes and/or a face onto the bead.
8.  Glue the hair to the top of the bead
9.  Put the ring on top of the hair with a small amount of glue to represent a halo. 


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