Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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"Seashell Angel"

Submitted by Sara Campbell, American living in Turkey

This special angel reminds us of our summer trips to the seashore! She is VERY simple to make (can be done in minutes, a great gift for friends and/or neighbors).
1 large round seashell
1/2 inch high gold ribbon
Gold rope string
Button (which, when turned, has hair/eyes/mouth -see photo- or if you can't find buttons like this, get a pearly button--button should be 3/4 inch or the right size depending on your seashell)
Mini ornament for your angel to hold
Hot glue and sticks
Gold paint and paint brush (if button is needing to be painted)
How to make her:
1. If you are not able to find buttons like the one in the picture (you can sometimes find them on the cards at fabric stores), paint your pearly button with a swipe for her hair, tiny dots for eyes, and a curve for her mouth (with gold paint). Let it dry.
2. Tie ribbon in a bow, so that the bow is the right shape to look like wings.
3. Cut gold string about 2 1/2 -3 inches (this will be her arms).
4. Cut gold string about 6 inches to be the string to hang it on the tree.
5. Hot glue the middle of the 3 inch string to the top and back of the seashell. Hot glue the bow on top of this string (on the back of the seashell).
6. Hot glue the button to the top front of the seashell. Hot glue the hanger string (knot side hidden) to the back of the button.
7. Trim her arm strings to the appropriate length.
8. Place mini ornament (mine is a harp, but you can use a heart, flute, or any shape you want) in her arms and hot glue one arm to the back and one to the front of the shape like she is holding it.
9. Hang her on your tree!


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