Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of BetterBudgeting.com

"Box of Love Ornament"

Submitted by Denise Bailey of OH

My kids make homemade ornaments for extended family every year.  We've made quite a few through the years.  This is one of the favorites and it's easy enough for little ones to do!  And, it is very inexpensive!

You'll need:

Small Boxes
Hot Glue
Paper (card stock preferred)


Use a small gift box…the kind usually for jewelry.  I got an assortment at the local dollar store.  If it is plain, you can wrap it; otherwise, I just used a sparkly red or green box.  Then I tied the curly ribbon on just like you would do a wrapped present.  We even put a little bow on it.  Attach a gift tag (I used business card paper and printed it on my home printer--you can put a cute Christmas border around it, too) which reads...

                                         I took an ordinary box

As empty as can be

I filled it with a special gift

And wrapped it carefully.


But please don't ever open it

Just leave the ribbon tied

And hold it tightly near your heart

                                                Because my love for you is inside!  


I had each child put their name and year on the back of the poem and then I laminated it so it would hold up over the years.  Then tie the poem on with ribbon. 

Finally, we took another piece of ribbon and hot glued it in a loop on the back of the box to hang it on the tree!  The recipients loved it!



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