Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of BetterBudgeting.com

"Pasta Angels - 2"

Submitted by Shirley Deyoe of CA

It is fun to get a group of adults and children together and have an angel making session, there is no limit to the creativity that will emerge.  This angel is easily made from different pastas, glue, and  craft paint.  It can be personalized by adding special things such as distinctive facial features or accessories held in the angel's hands.




Small wooden bead for head, about 7/8" diameter

1 piece of rigatoni pasta for body

2 pieces of elbow macaroni for arms

1 piece of bow-tie pasta for wings

Any kind of very fine  pasta, stars or chunks  to use as hair. (coarse sand should work)

metal ring from wedding section of craft store   or pipe cleaner for halo

fine tip marking pen for facial features

white craft paint and small brush

white glue and brush to apply, I like tacky glue.

glitter glue (optional)

Piece of Styrofoam and toothpicks or short piece of straw to help hold angel upright as glue dries



1. Glue wooden bead to one end of rigatoni pasta.  (Place toothpick or straw into foam and stand body upright to let glue dry.)


2.  Use fine tip marking pen to make facial features.  (If you don't like your first try, make another face on opposite side and use the one you like best.


3.  To make hair:  dip back area of head into shallow dish of glue, then into dish of tiny pasta or coarse sand.


4. Glue on elbow macaroni for arms and bow tie pasta for wings.


5.  Let dry for few minutes and then paint body and wings with white paint. Paint  hair any color you choose. Use a small brush.


6. Finish off with glitter glue on wing tips and add any desired decoration in angels hands.  I use  a small bow and or a tiny song book cut from paper.  (How about golf clubs, or sports equipment?)


7. Finally, glue  metal ring, or pipe cleaner fashioned into halo onto head. Sign by adding initials to the back of the wings. 


These angels also look wonderful when spray painted with metallic gold or silver and need no facial features.  You can mount  a whole batch of them on a Styrofoam  base and spray a large number at once.



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