Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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"Snowman Friends"

Submitted by Jenny Price of GA

The reason my family and I like these homemade ornaments is because they are easy to make, not expensive, and each person can make theirs unique and personal.

To create Snowman Friends all you need are: (all items can be found in the craft section of most any store)

Styrofoam balls (various sizes, whichever you like)
White spray paint (optional)
Pompom balls
Pipe cleaners
Black and orange foam sheets
Hot glue gun

I spray paint the Styrofoam ball to help it look more like snow and it gives it a more "finished" look.  Cut approx. 3" piece of the pipe cleaner (or the amount you need to go across the top half of your ball.) Hot glue the pipe cleaner across the top of the ball and glue a pompom at each end of the pipe cleaner.  Cut two small circles out of the black foam for eyes and a carrot shape out of the orange for the nose.  Glue these with the hot glue as well.  Cut a small piece of ribbon, fold in half.  Poke a small hole in the top of the ball and push the two ends of the ribbon in the hole.  Apply a small amount of glue to hold it in place. See how simple, cute and fun this is!

Variation: Fill a clear glass ball with cotton balls or shredded white paper and then decorate as described above. (The one with the red ear muffs is made from a clear ball filled with cotton balls) I personally like the foam ball because they are not as fragile and with children helping make them as well as hanging them on the tree, this helps prevent unwelcome tears from accidents. (The one with the green ear muffs is made with a Styrofoam ball.)

The nice thing about these ornaments is they can be personalized by using plain pompoms (boys) or ones with glitter (girls) and a variety of colors.  You can add a pipe by cutting a small piece of brown pipe cleaner and bending one end up to make a pipe and poke the other end in the ball (where the mouth would be) or you can cut a mouth out of foam.  You can also use various sizes of the balls to represent each family member.  Larger balls for Dad & Mom and medium size for older children and small ones for the babies.  This way you can have a Snowman Family and Snowman Friends.  (Fun ideas for children to make for their friends!)

Courtesy of BetterBudgeting.com


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