Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of BetterBudgeting.com

"Spool Christmas Tree Ornament"

Submitted by Amy Carter of GA

This is special to me because it is made of "old timey" wooden thread spools, and I really like "old timey" things!

Materials Needed:

6 wooden thread spools, all the same size (or use 6 new spools of green thread)

1 wooden thread spool, slightly smaller than the other 6 (or use 1 new spool of brown thread)

green craft foam

green ribbon

letter beads MERRY CHRISTMAS

1 star shaped bead

various beads for tree decorations




1. Cut a piece of green craft foam to the shape of 6 wooden spools set up bowling pin style.

2. Glue the wooden spools to this piece of green craft foam.

3. Color the tops of the spools with a green marker.

4. Wrap the tree shape with green ribbon (if using new spools of green thread, skip this step)

5. Glue a slightly smaller wooden spool to the bottom of the tree.

6. Glue "Merry Christmas" in beads to the front of the tree.

7. Glue beads to the tree for "decorations;" glue a star shaped bead to the top of the tree.

8. Attach a ribbon hanger to the back of the tree. 



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