Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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"Classy Chenille Stick Poinsettia"

Submitted by Rebecca K. of Pensacola, FL

I had these fun-looking chenille pipe sticks and wanted to make flowers with them. I started to fold them and arrange them, and just kept adding fun things to make them into an ornament. I used them for gift toppers this year, hung them on the tree and attached them to Christmas Cards that I handed out. There is no better feeling than making something special to give, and these can be made in any color you can get beads and chenille sticks in (many colors). I love that this ornament is fluffy and colorful. It really pops on a Christmas tree (and really covers those bare spots if you have a bald branch!)

Materials Needed: 

8 Chenille Bumpy Pipe Cleaners 
10 inches of ribbon (for a hanger)
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Thread in a color to match Bumpy Pipe Cleaners
Beads to put in the center
Clear thread and beading needle 
Small piece of felt 




Step 1: Fold pipe cleaners after the first and third fluffy parts, pinch each end a bit. Do this with all the pipe cleaners.


Step 2:


Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with 4 more pipe cleaners.


Step 4: Place one circle of pipe cleaners on top of the other and use thread again to hold them in place. Tie firmly in back.


Step 5: Bead a needle with clear thread, and sew some beads in the middle of the flower.


Step 6: Flip the flower to the back, and glue on the hanger with the glue gun. Hot glue a small circle of felt to cover the backing and the ribbon.


Make it your own by using other colors, adding glitter or using a button in the center. The options are endless!   

The Chenille Pipe Sticks can be found in any craft store or on the web. I've noticed they have various names by brand. Sometimes they are called Bumpy Chenille Pipe Cleaners.



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