Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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"My Guardian Angel"

Submitted by Brenda Cueno of Pensacola, FL

I started making this beautiful Angel Feather Ornament more than ten years ago.  It is so simple and yet such a sweet ornament to give to someone to let them know they are being watched over by their very own Guardian Angel.  This ornament can be made in a quick fifteen minutes.
1 - 4" clear glass ornament
1 - white feather
1 - 12" length of 2" gold wired ribbon, tied into a bow
2- 8" length of 1/8" ribbon to hang ornament
Glitter glue (or you can do the same with glue and sprinkle glitter)
Hot Glue Gun
1.  Clean ornament with alcohol
2.  Pull the hanger from the glass ornament.
3.  Cut the feather the length of the ornament - about 4", inserting the bottom part of the feather inside the ball.
4.  Replace the hanger.
5.  Squeeze glitter glue in a vertical zig zag pattern on the top of the ornament drizzling down not more than two inches.  Vary the length of the drizzling glitter.  Let dry thoroughly.
6.  Hot glue the bow to the side of the hanger.
7.  Loop the 1/8" ribbon through the hanger and tie a knot.
Type or hand write the following verse on a 3"x5" card stock, punch hole in top left corner, loop ribbon through hole and tie to hanger of ornament:

My Guardian Angel

I am an Angel feather,
sent from God above.
To serve as a reminder,
He watches and sends his love.
I'm from your Guardian Angel,
that the Lord assigned to you.
She dropped it in her struggles,
as she protected you.
Each time you almost stumble,
each time you almost fall,
Thank God and all his Angels,
for answering your call.



Courtesy of BetterBudgeting.com



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