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"Bible Verse Scroll Ornament"

Submitted by Lisa Sett of CA

Our family has also used these scrolls as place setting markers (as well as ornaments), that your guest can take home.


8x10 paper
2 cinnamons sticks cut to 3''
6-8'' scrap of lace or ribbon
White glue

Bible Verse - I used Isaiah 9:6


I printed the verse using an old English font 14, making the verse 2 1/2'' x 8'' in length. 4 verses can be copied on an 8x10 paper at one time. 

Run it through the copier with a parchment style paper or white paper that can be aged with a wet tea bag later.

Glue 1 cinnamon stick along the bottom of scroll and the top of scroll. After it dries, roll both ends together.

Tie with a 6-8'' scrap of lace or ribbon.


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