Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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"Jingle Hooks"

Upcycled Christmas Cards

Submitted by Lisa Jennings of WA

These ornaments are made from materials I have around my house. I didn’t need to purchase anything extra, and all materials are inexpensive. They can also double as gift tags.


Glue gun

Glue Stick or Double Sided Tape

5” 18 Gage wire (any color, standard is fine)

3” 18 Gage wire (same color as above)

1 - ½” Jingle bell

Any design for center that is approx. 1-2 inches in any shape. This could be a sticker, a cutout from an old Christmas card or cardstock, be creative. 

Coordinating cardstock for the boarder and another for the backer.


Select your center design. Glue or tape onto background cardstock and trim to make a nice boarder.

Take the bell and thread onto 5” piece of wire curl and shape to desired preference. Hot glue the wired-bell onto the bottom backside of your cardstock design.

Take the 3” wire and curl and shape into a hook. Hot glue this wire onto top of backside of your design. Glue the coordinating backside onto the back of your design. 

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