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by Michelle Jones

A Frugal Mom of 4 with Over 20 Years of Experience Cooking on a Budget

(20 new and delicious recipes have been added!)

As many of you already know from my featured frugal recipe column which I began writing in 2001, my recipes are truly inexpensive and delicious, and most are very easy to make.  As a busy mom of 4, they have to be!  We have made a small handful of my recipes available in our recipe archives here at, along with other frugal recipes submitted by our readers, but please understand that most of MY family's favorite frugal recipes are ONLY available in our Frugal Family Recipes cookbook!

Frugal Family Recipes has also been selected as one of the best cookbooks from North Carolina and is a very popular and TOP quality cookbook that took three years to write.  (Remember, I do have FOUR children that keep me very busy!)

View all of the deliciously frugal recipes that I have included in my cookbook...

By making my frugal meals at home throughout the month and cutting back on dining out we can save thousands of dollars each year!  And if you like my recipes or just like saving money on everything be sure to sign up for a free subscription to our monthly ezine, Living a Better Life, if you haven’t already.  We feature several new frugal recipes each month!

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