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How to Paint a Room on a Budget

DIY: How to Paint a Room Beautifully on a Budget

Thereís just nothing like a beautiful painted room to lift your spirits and add to the value of your home. Itís fresh, itís clean, itís pretty, and when done well, it looks professional and downright expensive. Iíve been painting interior rooms for over thirty years and have learned many ways to save money while getting wonderful results. I hope you enjoy this first part of my two-part series on how to paint a room beautifully on a budget... read more

Frugal Home and Garden Tips

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The bitter cold subsides, the temperature starts rising, and you can replace that heavy winter coat with a sweater. It can mean only one thingÖitís time for spring! At last, it's that time of year between winter and summer when itís time to open up the windows, get organized, and spring clean. So, where do you start?... read more

How to File Your Own Taxes and Where to Find Tax Forms

If you're filing your own Federal taxes by mail you'll need to have the right forms each year. Years ago, we would get them at the post office or library. The forms would be put out on tables near the front door and everyone would just pick up whichever forms they needed. Once you filed your taxes for the first time, the IRS would then... read more

Frugal Crafts

Frugal Easter Craft Project:


How to Make Easter Baskets Out of Recycled Drinking Straws

What a fun craft project for recycling that box of plastic straws in your kitchen drawer. When finished, these cute Easter baskets can be given as holiday gifts or used for a table centerpiece... read more


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