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Search for Unclaimed Cash at Better Budgeting

Find Your Unclaimed Money - Our List is Updated Monthly!
Copyright by Michelle Jones

Did you know you may have unclaimed cash (also referred to as unclaimed property) just waiting for you to come and claim it?  These unclaimed funds can be anything from forgotten checking or savings accounts, undeliverable tax refunds or leftover credits from mortgage payoffs.  To locate unclaimed money that might be yours, select your state's Unclaimed Property Division as I've listed below and then do a search for the name(s) you are looking for.

Please note: We update this list on a monthly basis to provide the most accurate information possible.  If you would like to share the information with others please provide only a link to this page.  If you copy the list you will have a page full of out of date information very soon.  The link to this page is www.betterbudgeting.com/unclaimedmoney.htm    

Although there are many companies who offer unclaimed funds "search assistance" for a FEE, it should be possible for you to locate these funds yourself, for FREE, if they are out there!  

First, begin by making a list of where you or each of your relatives that you are searching for may have lived.  If they lived in multiple states, you will need to search each state.  But don't worry, it's really not difficult.  The funds to look for may include any money that was owed to you or your family member, by a number of sources.  The most common source is likely real estate.  So if property was bought and sold, it could be possible that not all monies due were properly distributed.  (Though in most cases, they were.)  There could also be insurance policies, or credit balances on homeowner's insurance that was not canceled at the time of the home sale. 

When my mom passed away she owned two homes I had to sell.  The first one sold right away, but the second one took over a year.  Because the home was sitting vacant, I was required to carry a very expensive homeowner's insurance policy.  When the house finally sold, the event was so emotional, I didn't even think about contacting the insurance company.  That is, until they sent me a renewal bill the following year.  Thankfully I was able to contact the company and send them a copy of the closing documents so they could send us a refund for the months after the home had been sold.  But what if I had moved, or worse, passed away.  Those funds would be just sitting there, unclaimed.  

If you are searching earnestly for funds from a family member who has passed away, take some time to think about their life and where you need to look.  And be prepared to prove who your family member was (identification documents), and, who you are. 

Safe deposit boxes and investments may also be available.  If you have your family member's bank records it will help your search.  You can contact the financial institutions directly.

When I started this list in 2004, I wasn't able to find any unclaimed money for our own family (and I checked several different states that we've lived in over the last 20 years).  However, I thought it would be helpful to maintain these resources for our readers who might have missing money out there, somewhere.  You just never know!  

Here's a sample of the great feedback we've received from our readers searching for unclaimed cash through our links... 

"Hi, As a home school family of 10 (Some working, some in college, some schooling at home, but all are still living at home)... I pour over your free monthly Better Budgeting Ezine.  I checked the Michigan Dept. of Treas. for unclaimed cash and sure enough my mother had some coming from her father (my grandpa) and my mother-in-law found money from her husband! I really felt like I did my good deed.  They were so thrilled to receive the unclaimed cash.  I'm really thankful for the good articles and I do consider how I can implement some of them into my own life.  Thanks again for putting all this together and keep up the good work!  God bless you all.  Sincerely, C. Kimberley"

"Wanted to pass on a blessing.  We just received a $2275.00 check from the state of Ohio from unclaimed funds.  Your information made us check it out.  We have bought a water softener and a hot water tank that we have needed for over a year and have prayed about for some time.  God bless you and your ministry. - G. and L. West"


If you've lived in more than one state be sure to search each one and include maiden names if that applies to your family.

Other Web Sites will try to charge you a fee for this information, our listing is FREE at BetterBudgeting.com! 


Also, if you find your State Treasury Department in our free listings below has moved their web site please let me know so I can update your State's link right away--we update our list every month.  Thanks for your help!!!  

Alabama State Treasury

Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Unit

Arkansas Great Treasure Hunt Unclaimed Property Division

California State Controller's Office Unclaimed Property Search

Colorado State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Connecticut Office of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Delaware Bureau of Abandoned Property

District Of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer Unclaimed Property

Florida Department of Financial Services Bureau of Unclaimed Property

Georgia Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

Idaho State Tax Commission Unclaimed Property

Illinois State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Indiana Attorney General's Office Unclaimed Property

Iowa The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt Unclaimed Property

Kansas Office of the Treasurer Unclaimed Property Search

Kentucky Kentucky State Treasury Unclaimed Property

Louisiana Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property

Maine State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Maryland Comptroller of Maryland Unclaimed Property

Massachusetts Department of State Treasurer Abandoned Property Division

Michigan Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property

Minnesota Department of Commerce Unclaimed Property

Missouri Office of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division

Mississippi Treasury Department Unclaimed Property

Montana Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

Nebraska State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Nevada State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

New Hampshire Treasury Abandoned Property Search

New Jersey Taxation Unclaimed Property Search

New Mexico State of New Mexico Unclaimed Property

New York Office of the State Comptroller Unclaimed Funds

North Carolina State Treasurer NC Cash

North Dakota State Land Unclaimed Property

Ohio Department of Commerce Unclaimed Funds Division

Oklahoma State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Fund

Oregon Department of State Lands Unclaimed Property

Pennsylvania Treasury Unclaimed Property

Rhode Island Office of the General Treasurer Unclaimed Property

South Carolina State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Program

South Dakota State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Tennessee Treasury Department Unclaimed Property

Texas State Comptroller Unclaimed Property

Utah State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division

Vermont Office of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Virginia Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property

Washington Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

West Virginia State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Wisconsin State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Wyoming State Treasurer Office Unclaimed Property

*  *  *

Alaska Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Program

Canada This site provides public information on Unclaimed Property in Canada.

Hawaii Department of Budget and Finance Unclaimed Property

Puerto Rico Commissioner of Finance Unclaimed Property

Quebec Curateur Public Unclaimed Property

*  *  *

Editor's Note: When I first started working on this project I also found that a few states are actually auctioning off unclaimed property, with a direct link to ebay. What a shock that was!  If your state Web site for unclaimed cash has moved please contact us right away so we can keep our list up to date. Let's get these funds back to their rightful owners!

Copyright 2004-2015 by Michelle Jones.  All rights reserved.

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Bloggers: This page is updated on a monthly basis with corrected links; we work very hard to keep our list up to date. If you would like to link to us the web page address is www.betterbudgeting.com/unclaimedmoney.htm  Thank you for your support! :o)


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